Mamertino wine has a noble and ancient historical significance: it links a wine production to one of the most relevant historical period in our country, the Roman Empire. Ateneo (lll century A.D.) defines Mamertino wine “sweet and robust“, Dioscoride (l century A.D.) mentions it among the excellent Italian wines, and Pliny the Elder (I century A.D.) considers it the fourth among the 195 selected wines in Italy, in I century A.D.; Julius Caesar offered it during the banquet to celebrate his victory in the third consul.

The Giulio Cesare Mamertino Doc is the result of the epic encounter between two distinguished Sicilian wine varieties, Nero d’Avola and Nocera. As it has been born from the sunny lands of Furnari, the beating heart of Mamertino’s district, this wine best expresses its insular nature. A golden past and a majestic present makes Giulio Cesare Mamertino Rosso Doc a magnificence to celebrate the most relevant moments of Your life.

Technical sheet

Production area: Furnari (ME), Masseria Estate
Grape variety: 60% Nero d’Avola and 40% Nocera
Classification: Protection of Designated of Origin (DOC)
Soil: Medium-textured soil, traces of limestone.
Altitude: 160 metres above sea level
Vineyard: Spurred cordon, green harvest is performed with the
removal of approximately 40% of grapes.
Average yield: 55 – 60 ql/Ha
Plants per hectares: 4000
Harvest: Manual, mid of September.
Vinification: Grapes are macerated at controlled temperature,
12°C for the first 24 hours. Then temperature is allowed to go up
slowly until it reaches 28°C. Maceration time can vary. After being
devatted, grapes are soft pressed.
Ageing: In French oak barrels of capacity from 225 lt up to 3000
lt for about 14 months. After bottling, bottle ageing at controlled
temperature for about six months.
Alcohol content: 14% vol.
Serving Temperature: 18 – 20°C
Recommended with: Red meat dishes, matures cheese. Perfect
with Sicilian black swine in tomato sauce. Pleasant at the end of
the meal.

Visual profile: Bright ruby red with a light orange hue.
Olfactory profile: Complex, enveloping and deep. It has notes of
ripe red fruits such as raspberries, blackberries and currants that
rapidly evolve into a fragrant jam tart. It leaves space for perfumes
of tobacco, vanilla, leather and toasted wood.
Taste profile: Powerful, elegant and balanced. Soft, with fruity and
spicy notes, it has a beautiful structure and long lingering finish